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Faith Circuit - Children's Education Children's Ministries at St. Peter's Church

We believe that Jesus was a teacher and that He is still our teacher today.  Jesus used multiple ways to transform peoples' lives, miracles (action pictures) for visual learners, parables to challenge logical learners, and story telling for the auditory learners.  Faith Circuit, our faith based Sunday School program engages each learner in multiple ways toward a new and deeper relationship with God.  Children ages 4 through 7th grade are invited to participate in Faith Circuit.  Children from birth through 3 years of age are cared for in our Childcare Room.

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Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - Childcare Childcare
Volunteers care for children from birth through 3 years of age each Sunday morning.  Your child's every need is tended to in our ocean themed Childcare Room by the loving hands of our volunteer staff.  The Childcare Room is "child friendly", featuring everything from cribs to play gyms and everything in between.  Children hear stories and listen to Bible based songs.

Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - FC for PreK Faith Circuit for Pre-Kindergarten
The Faith Searchers, children age 4 and entering kindergarten the fall of 2011, program is self-contained and introduces the basic concepts of the faith.  The children learn about God and Jesus through story, art, games, movement, and songs based on a monthly theme.  Parents of pre-kindergarten and volunteers who have a hear for this age child deliver the program.  This is a very active and exciting classroom!

Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - FC for K through 5th Faith Circuit for Kindergarten through 5th Grade
The Workshop Rotation Model is used for Sunday school for this age group.  The Workshop Rotation Model equips children with theological concepts that can help them expand upon and enhance their knowledge of God.  These concepts guide children toward a growing faithful vision of who God truly is - the God of love and grace.  By giving children multiple experiences in ways they learn best, learners can be guided toward a personal relationship with God. The goal is for children to learn these theological concepts through Bible stories so they can learn specific attitudes and actions for faithful living in everyday situations.  Workshops include but are not limited to:  storytelling, art, drama, dance, movie, cooking, computer, game, and math.

Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - FC for Mid School Faith Circuit for Middle School, Grades 6th & 7th
Middle students are invited to share in a study of the Bible.  Using the age/grade appropriate curriculum, I Know My Bible, the students learn about God and JEsus through stories in the Old and New Testament.  They learn about the history of the time and discuss their ideas and feelings about the story as well as how it relates to their lives today.  When a Faith Circuit Workshop is appropriate they are included in that learning experience.  The concept that drives this curriculum is a personal relationship with God and Jesus.

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