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Faith Circuit - Children's Education
Children's Ministries
at St. Peter's Church

Children birth through 3 years of age are invited to enjoy our Childcare room during the service (see Childcare section below for more information).  children in pre-kindergarten and up begin the morning in the worship service with their families.  After the children's worship, they are dismissed to attend their Fiath Circuit (Sunday School) program...

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A baby's birth is the beginning of a child's faith journey.  We offer a safe and loving place for newborns through 3 years of age duringthe entirety of the worship service. The Childcare room is located in room 1 on the lower level.  Childcare begins at 9:20 am and ends at 10:40 am.  Our Childcare is staffed by two regular Childcare staff members in addition to volunteers as needed.
During their time in Childcare, the children play, learn Bible based songs, hear Bible based stories, and develope new relationships.
For the safety and security of all children participating in our Children's Ministries programs, a registration form is required for each child.
If you are a visitor or new to our Childcare program, please complete a registration form the first time you leave your child in our care.
We require that each child be signed-in by a parent, that the parent leave a cell phone number, and each child be initialed out of our care by a parent.
Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - Childcare
Faith Circuit - Children in Prekindergarten through Grade 5

The children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5 participate in our workshop rotation model Sunday School.  The children spend five or six weeks on one Bible story and rotate to a different workshop each week to learn the lesson in a new way.  They attend workshops such as, art, computers, cooking, drama, science, storytelling, etc.  By the end of each unit, the children should have a clear understanding of the Bible story.  Each workshop has a leader who teaches the story and a teen assistant.  In addition, each roup has a grade level shepherd who stays with the same group of children from week to week, getting to know them and building a relationship with them.

Child Fam - FC - Prog Outline - FC for Mid School
Faith Circuit - Children in Middle School,
 Grades 6 & 7

Middle School children are invited to share in a study of the Bible.  Using the age/grade appropriate curriculum, I Know My Bible, the students learn about God and Jesus through stories in the Old and New Testament.  They learn about the history of the time and discuss their ideas and feelings about the story as well as how it relates to their lives today.  The concept that drives this curriculum is a personal relationship with God and Jesus.  The purpose of this study is to help youth gain the knowledge and assurance to say, "I know my Bible!"

First Grade Bible Sunday
September 21st

When a child is baptized at St. Peter’s Church, our church family promises “their love, support, and care for each child as they live and grow in Christ.”

As a part of upholding this promise, the congregation gifts each child with a Bible as they enter first grade. This is the same Bible the children will use during their Middle School Bible Study and Confirmation classes.

If your child will be entering first grade this school year, please contact the church office (630-530-6000) to notify us that your child will be present on Sunday, September 21st to receive a Bible.

Be prepared to provide you child’s:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Grade in school
  • School name

Volunteer Recognition Sunday
September 21

Volunteers who serve the children of our Children’s Ministries are the strength of our programs. They serve children from birth through seventh grade as
caregivers in our Childcare program,
workshop leaders, teen assistants and teen shepherds in our Faith Circuit program,
leaders in our Middle School Bible Study program,
leaders assistants, drivers and teen support in our Vacation Bible Study program.
Join us on Sunday, September 21st, as we recognize and acknowledge the contribution volunteers add to the Children’s Ministries programs at St. Peter’s.

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